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Basic information
Model No. YJ-TDR
Use of Product Removing floating matters in the zinc pot
Size 800mm(W)× 3000mm(D)× 2700mm(H)
Weight 20000kg
Price $336,894.79
Sales Site http://www.yujinms.co.kr


Product Features

 Equipment Overview

A Robot System to remove DROSS floating matters within CGL LINE ZINC POT of the steel mill.

It consists of SKIMMING work to gather DROSS and REMOVING work to put out gathered DROSS.

žSystem Configuration

· ROBOT Body : 6 axis articulated robot, transporting weight 160 KG class

· ROBOT CARRIAGE : 1 axis servo motor driving, moving location with robot mounted.

· DROSS BOX CARRIAGE : To drive AC MOTOR and cylinder, Transferring BOX between workplace and waiting place

· TOOL CHANGE STAND : Storage stand of tools to be used for each work

· TOOL : Equipped with tools for each use such as SKIMMING, REMOVING, SAMPLING, etc.

Product Videos
No Video
Organization Informaion
Organization Informaion
Company Name Yujin MS Co., Ltd. Department
Contact Bae Ki-Dong/Dept. Head E-Mail gdbae@yujinms.co.krsend E-mail
Tel +82 53-581-4266 Fax +82 53-581-4267
Service Hours 09:00  ~  18:00 Site http://www.yujinms.co.kr

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  • Department : Global Expansion Team
  • Contact : Yangji Regina Kwon
  • Tel : +82 53-940-9528

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