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Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot

Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot


  • Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot
  • Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot
  • Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot
  • Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot


Basic information
Basic information
Model No. NEURO-X-UE
Use of Product An exercise system for increasing upper limb function and brain plasticity of the central nerve system patients
Size 580mm(W)× 650mm(D)× 650mm(H)
Weight 66kg
Other Specifications Passive/active movement and assisted active movement of the upper limb
Price $24,516.76(It is an approx. selling price and may vary upon numbers, exchange rate, etc.)
Sales Site http://www.apsuninc.com
Product Features

 > As it comprehensively measures exercise capability of the upper limb and applies bio-feedback exercise program based on the results, it allows the severe stroke patients to conduct active exercise.

 > Patented CAM System (recognize exercise intention of the patients)

 > It makes 360˚ ISOKINETIC, ISOMETRIC measurements.

 > It is able to check progress of measurements and exercise result values.

 > It provides the patients with interesting rehabilitation training by applying 8 training programs

 > Motorized height adjustment and touch screen

Product Videos
No Video
Organization Informaion
Organization Informaion
Company Name apsun Inc. Department
Contact Lee Dong-Eui/Manager E-Mail rnd@apsuninc.comsend E-mail
Tel +82 2-443-4456 Fax +82 2-443-4457
Service Hours 09:00  ~  18:00 Site http://www.apsuninc.com

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